Sunday, November 27, 2011

40K Results

Yesterday was a real blast!  There was lots of action, smiling faces, good time all round.  There were lots of people winning raffle prizes, which included Dawn of War II shirts and a copy of Space Marine for Xbox 360 courtesy or Relic and THQ!

Best General

3rd place - Matthew Burke, Grey Knights
2nd place: Ryan Longair, Tau Empire
1st place: Colin Sherlow, Dark Eldar. 
Colin won a $25 gift certificate to Imperial Hobbies, and a $25 store credit for GameStars. 

Best Army Presentation

3rd place: Kiel Skriver

2nd place: Steve Franks
Steve wins a Battlefield In a Box scenery piece, courtesy of Imperial Hobbies!

1st place: Darwin Yuen
Darwin is the winner of limited edition Grey Knight print and art book from Warhammer World, and a gift certificate for Your Go Games!

Player's choice: Favourite Army

Player's choice: Favourite Army - Steve Franks' Eldar
Steve Franks won a copy of The Bugman's Game, courtesy of Bugman's Bar at Warhammer World, Nottingham. Our sincere thanks to James the bar manager for his donations to our cause, and congratulations to Steve - the other players voted his army their favourite!

Best Sportsman

3rd place - hey look, it's Kiel Skriver!

2nd place: Ryan Longair

1st place: James Chen
James Chen - 1st place for Best Sportsman! James wins a $25 gift certificate for Imperial Hobbies and a $25 store credit at GameStars. 

Best Overall

3rd place: KIEL SKRIVER!!!!
Kiel wins a selection of terrain, courtesy of local terrain guru Robert Metzner of Tabletop Scenery.

2nd place: James Chen
James also wins a selection of terrain from Robert Metzner of Tabletop Scenery

1st place: Ryan Longair
Your Grand Champion for Foodhammer 40K, 2011... hang on, this can't be right... yes, it's what's written down here... no I AM wearing my glasses... well at least it's not bloody Dark Angels! Oh shut up and let me read it. *cough* 


Ryan wins a $35 gift certificate for Imperial Hobbies and a Dark Eldar Battleforce courtesy of Gamestars!

Thank you everyone for coming out and making this event possible.  We all hope you had a really great time. See you next year!

Foodhammer 40K! Year one.

A rather cold and rainy day greeted us, making us glad glad glad that we were playing 40K INSIDE!
As soon as we arrived, we made sure the special Foodhammer dice were bagged up and made available for sale.  We ordered these from Chessex dice and sold them to the happy happy people for $10 a set of ten.  

We also ordered some special dice for auction.  Four sets of ten in different colours.  


We had one person drop out at the last minute, and happily the first person who dropped out jumped back in again and at 10am we were off to a great start with game one!

Dan Deresh, GameStars manager announced spot prizes at certain trigger points in each game.  The first person to cause a unit to break won a Kit-Kat.  Have a break, have a Kit-Kat.  The honour went to James Chen with his Salamanders. 

In our first game, the spot prize objective was to be the first to kill an HQ.  Calen Wong manage to do that by bumping off Shrike in his game against Devin Haverty. Well done, Calen!

Lunchtime was provided by Jordan West, the owner of the local Taco Del Mar.  He brought enough for 35 people and SOLD OUT! A very large portion of the proceeds from that food sale will also go to the Langley Food Bank. Thank you Jordan, we really appreciate it.  I think next time it happens we should ask Jordan to bring enough for 35 GAMERS! lol 
Also, Jude Hansen Forbes baked a whole box of delicious cookies for sale by donation.  Throughout the day we saw happy gamers munching on them.  Thank you, Jude! 

As the day went on, nobody else won Kit-Kats as they all forgot to call out for unit breaks, although in Game Two Devin Haverty won a copy of Duke Nukem Forever after he was the first to kill a unit - taking out Ryan McGechaen's Dreadknight.  In Game Three, Garry Sacco and his Necrons took an enemy unit below half strength and for his efforts got a copy of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.  

As stated earlier, our dice auctions on day one brought in $76 for two sets of dice.  SEVENTY SIX! All of the regular red dice sold out in a heartbeat.  The amount of food that was brought in really made us smile too.  Hopefully I'll be able to fill my truck when I take it all to Langley Food Bank. The onus really is on the Fantasy players for Sunday to beat that.  Square basers I'm looking at youuuu!

Results and photos of winners to follow.  Meanwhile here's a slideshow :-)

Foodhammer - the madness begins

We got the tables and everything set up on the Friday. Jason Dyer came down after finishing work and together we managed to get the store set up in such a way that the players had plenty of room, yet customers could still access the product on the shelves. Local terrain guru Robert Metzner kindly loaned us a large portion of his stock.  We had trouble moving around in the terrain storage room!

Once we'd sorted out which terrain pieces we wanted to use, we managed to set up some nice tables.  I think we got some good variation given the choices available to us.  

Friday evening saw some open gaming from A-Club members and other customers, which game some people a chance to practice their lists and see what they were facing in the days to come!