About Foodhammer

Foodhammer came about as the result of a bouncing ball thought process from my son entering kindergarten. I noticed that some of the children in the class came from families that had financial hardship. I thought about how lucky I am to have what I do have, and I decided that I wanted to give something back. I wasn't sure how to for a while.

Tabletop wargaming is not cheap, we all know that! We're fortunate to have the disposable income with which to buy models, rulesets, paints, cards and everything that goes along with our hobbies. Those who visit the food bank to help their families get what they need do not.  In early 2011 I was thinking about the lower mainland of British Columbia not having a wargaming event in the late autumn or in winter.  The two trains of thought came together and Foodhammer was born.

The management of GameStars kindly offered the use of their store for the first year. We had 40K and Warhammer Fantasy on a weekend in late November and we raised over two thousand dollars for the Langley Food Bank.  It was a great success and everyone jumped on board eagerly.

The following year we added Warmachine and Malifaux to the calendar and spread the event out over four weekends (we held a second Malifaux event at The Connection Games in aid of Vancouver Food Bank). A cheque was donated to Langley Food Bank for $3900

Last year was AMAZING! We added X-Wing to the roster and held the event over four weekends. We had tons of fun with the whole thing. Les played Warmachine with the cheat ticket system again and brought in a shedful of cash, Justin Doyle hosted the first X-Wing event to great success and is eager to do it again this year.  Malifaux, 40K and Fantasy enjoyed repeat successes and in the end a cheque for $4700 was given.

So that's almost $11,000 we've generated for our cause.  It helps them keep the roof over their head. Keeps the lights on. Keeps the truck on the road. It also helps them buy a lot of food. I'm very grateful for and proud of everything that the community has done to help achieve these goals.  I feel similarly of the people who have helped me to organise and grateful beyond words to the people who sponsor our event.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what we can get done this year.  I hope to see you there!

Chris Jones

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