Blood Bowl

Foodhammer Deathbowl Blood Bowl Tournament

Sunday, November 5th, 2017

Fraternal Order of Eagles, 170 3rd St W, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1E8



3 games of Deathbowl. Swiss parings per table. Ties in game resolved by SPP gained in game, if still tied roll off!  Points are as follows:
  • First 10 points.
  • Second 7 points. 
  • Third 3 points.
  • Fourth 1 point
  • +1 point for every casualty caused (caused by chainsaw, stab, bombadiers, blocks, fouls, and crowd pushes). 

Deathbowl is two simultaneous  games of seven aside Blood Bowl on a shared pitch in the shape of a cross.   While the pitch is shared each coach defends their end zone from the coach across from them, creating a game within a game. Each team starts the half with seven players on the pitch.

Food situation TBA. There is a full bar in the Eagles, which should open from noon until close.


Registration: 9:30am - 10:00am
Game 1: 10:00 am - 12:30pm
Lunch: 12:30pm - 1:15pm
Game 2: 1:15pm - 3:45pm
Game 3: 4:00pm - 6:30pm

2.5 minute timed turns strictly adhered to will ensure the day will not be longer than a regular 4 game tournament.

Coaches will have 1,250,000 gold crowns with which to build a  team from any BB2016 team, plus Slann roster (message me if you don’t know where to find it). Each coach must purchase a minimum of 11 players (including star players). You may also purchase re-rolls, fan factor, assistant coaches, cheerleaders, and apothecaries. No skills or stat increases of any kind may be purchased.

Due to the number of Deathbowl related deaths over the past few years, elven teams have had difficulty fundraising for elven Deathbowl teams. Elf coaches only have 1,000,000 gold crowns to build a team, but to compensate, their minimum number of players is reduced to 7 players (including star players).

Any inducements from either CRP or BB2016 may be purchased out of your starting gold with the exception of CRP wizards. Star players are welcome! No bribes may be purchased, because there’s no ref!

To increase the mayhem this year, teams are not limited to 2 star players. This mostly means you can fit lots of secret weapons on dwarf and goblin teams, but I’m sure someone will surprise me with a nasty combination.

Halfling teams may purchase a Halfling Master Chef, all as per standard CRP/LRB6.0 rules.

Standard skill pack will be available to every team. 6 regular skills or 4 regular skills and 1 double or 2 regular skills and 2 doubles or 3 doubles. No skill may be taken more than twice on each team. No more than one skill may be assigned per player.

The following awards are available to be won. A maximum of one performance and or hobby award can be won by any coach.

Performance Awards:
1st Place: Awarded to the coach with the most tournament points.
Most Touchdowns: Awarded to the coach who scored the most touchdowns.
Most Casualties: Awarded to the coach who caused the most casualties from blocking, fouling, bombs, chainsaws, stabs, or crowd pushes.
Wooden Spoon: Awarded to the coach with the lowest number of tournament points.

Hobby Awards:
Player Choice Award: Awarded to the coach whose team earned the most votes (T.O. will be tie breaking vote if required)
PACNW Attitude: Awarded to the coach with the highest amount of sportsmanship points.

Register at

Prior to the tournament, send an email to with your name, the race you are playing, and attaching your roster spreadsheet.

Registration in person day of the tournament is allowed. Any lists not submitted ahead of time will be verified during the tournament. Any roster issues will be addressed by removing a random player from the pitch (the roster can be corrected for the next drive).



Deathbowl is two simultaneous games of Blood Bowl on a shared pitch in the shape of a cross.   While the pitch is shared each coach defends their end zone from the coach across from them, creating a game within a game.

We will have specially made Deathbowl boards for this event! Excess boards will be provided by Thunderbowl (if over 20 coaches participate). These pitches are slightly different shapes and sizes:
-Thunderbowl pitches are 25x15 squares, 35mm squares
-CHOP pitches are 26x14, 35mm squares

Charity Cards:
Foodhammer is a charitable event, and cards are awesome. Rather than a single free card being given upon setup as was done in previous years, cards will be available to purchase during games.

For each $5 you donate, 100k in card credit is available to you. Each time you do this, you must give two different players 50k in card credit. After all players have made their donations, players can spend their card credit (eg, you can combine it to buy larger cards). Cards must be purchased before the game.

Score by getting the correct ball in your opponent's end zone directly across from you. Score more touchdowns than any other teams in the game to win, ties are broken by SPP's gained, then a roll off if still tied.

Setting up
Select one coach to be  the time keeper for the game.  This coach will roll weather, control the clock (2.5 minute turns are strictly enforced), move the turn marker, and track any other tokens any coaches might have for the game.

Place two different balls in the center square.

Each coach sets up seven players three must be on the line of scrimmage and the rest anywhere in your end with no more than three in each wide zone. 

The line of scrimmage is the line where your board crosses the other board (eg, where the wing with your end zone crosses the shared central square).

Halfling Master Chefs, distract all the teams!  To represent this the opponent sitting directly across from the coach with the Master Chef will lose the first reroll then the coach to the right loses the next and the coach to the left loses the next then back to the coach directly across and so on as per the rules in LRB6.

Playing the game
Roll a D6 for each  coach, the coach who rolled highest starts play by moving his players in the usual blood bowl manner, all action and blitz rules apply.  

Play continues in a clockwise manner until a touchdown is scored.

When a touchdown is scored each coach resets seven players in his endzone and the play continues from the coach who was after the Coach who scored the touchdown.

Half time
There is no stoppage in play for the half in Deathbowl, instead, players and teams catch their second wind and all rerolls are restored.  If a team is shorthanded substitutions may be made by placing players from your team from the reserves box into your end zone at the start of your turn.   These subs may only take a move action in the turn they came onto the pitch, then may take actions as normal in the subsequent turns.

No Cutting the Corners!
At the corner where the two boards meet, movement and passing are impaired. Imagine there’s a wall at the edge of the pitch at this point.

Neither movement nor passing may “cut the corner” of the pitch. If any straight line between two squares must leave the pitch, movement or passing between those squares is cutting the corner.

For movement, this is generally only at the corner square, but leaping players must ensure they do not “cut the corner”.

As mentioned above, passing may not “cut the corner”.

We also use a smaller than standard passing template (ie, the 2nd/3rd edition passing template). This makes passes slightly shorter than in a normal blood bowl game.

Passing over players from multiple teams is especially dangerous as one player from each team get an interception attempt.

Scoring a touchdown
There are two balls on the pitch in Deathbowl, one for each "game". When a player enters the square with the two balls at the center of the pitch they may pick up only one ball and the other ball scatters from that square, this does not count as a failed pick up and does not create a turnover, unless the player actually fails the pick up roll. 

Any player may only hold one ball at a time, however, two players on the same team may each possess one of the balls. 

When the first touchdown of a drive is scored roll a D6 1-3 you have scored with the wrong ball, 4-6 you have scored with the right ball. 

If you discover that you have the wrong ball the drive continues (as well as the players turn, ie. He may move if he has reaming movement allowance) and you may take a special action of dropping the ball in any square around you, including the crowd, since this is not your ball it does not cause a turnover however it ends the players movement much the same way a pass would.  A dropped ball in play will bounce, however, any player may choose not to catch any ball that is not their ball and the ball will continue to bounce.  After a touchdown with the wrong ball the balls are declared and there is no need to roll for the next touchdown as the next touchdown must be scored with the correct ball.

While a touchdown may not be scored with the wrong ball SPPs can, in other words all completions and interceptions with the wrong ball count for SPPs.