Warhammer 40K

Warhammer 40,000 will be held on Saturday November 4th 2017

Fraternal Order of Eagles, 170 3rd St W, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1E8

List of attendees - click here

Order of business

Registration is at 9.30

Game 1 is 10:00 sharp until 11.40
Lunch is 11.40 to 12.30
Game 2 is 12:30 sharp until 14.10
Game 3 is 14:30 sharp until 16.10
Game 4 is 16.30 sharp until 18.10
Prizes and awards at 18.30 or earlier if I can get it done! 

It's the dawning of the age of Aquarius.  Either that or a new edition of 40K.  Some of us may still be fumbling with the rules and so on, and I think we would like to play more games in one day so it's 100 minute rounds at 1250 points.

Games will be played on a 4x4 table. 

If I find that everyone is finished game 1 in a lot less time that 100 minutes, I'll mess with the schedule and add a fifth game. Just to tire you all out. 

Army composition. We're all big boys who know when and when not to bring filthy broken lists to fun charity events.  The ONLY caveats I have are 

  • no more than two detachments. 
  • no TITANIC keyword
  • nothing that has a PL of 20 or higher
  • no Lords of War. Especially not at 1250. 
  • Tabling ends the game, and awards you two additional VP to your total.
    It is not an automatic win, you can still lose on points.
    Play to the Eternal War missions!
We will play with the very latest books and FAQ, except for anything that is released on the day. That's silly.  I am trusting you guys to police your own lists and that of your opponents, so there is no submission deadline. Just don't bring any filth, or even any hot garbage. I will name you, and we will point at you. Like this.

The filth that has been submitted recently (fifteen obliterators? Really Adam?) has me changing my mind.  Send your lists TODAY so I can vet them.  Thanks. 

When you write your lists, please make sure that all wargear and points values are present, and that you place units in their formations and detachments as you format your list.  This helps your opponent understand the list too. 
You will need to bring a copy of your list for each of your opponents with all wargear and EVERYTHING on it.  Don't just write" Tactical Squad w/meltagun  265 points"

On the day, you will need:


You won't need maelstrom cards. 
Army lists - enough for you, me and your opponents
Dice, measuring device, 
Rulebooks - you need to have the books, or your iPad version.
A PEN! You'd be surprised lol

We'll have awards for 
Best Overall
Favourite Army

Any questions, just hit me up at foodhammer@gmail.com :)


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