Thursday, August 4, 2011

Foodhammer will be using Tournament Overlord

We have our first outside sponsor for the tournaments! Gavin at RankingsHQ has very kindly granted us licenses for Tournament Overlord for the entire weekend. That means we can use their excellent software for keeping track of everyone's scores and make matchups and decide winners with even more ease than we could have ever dreamed of!

Tournament Overlord is Ranking HQ's custom built tournament administration software. It is a Windows based application designed in consultation with tournament administrators and players over several years. Tournament Overlord provides many tools, functions and features that remove the mundane and time consuming elements out of running an event.

A fully functional version can be downloaded and used for up to 12 players. For tournaments greater than 12 players tournament specific licenses can be purchased and downloaded instantly.

Thank you again, Gavin. That's a great help to use, you are very generous indeed!