Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Of Dice and Men

We will have sets of these red dice, with our logo for this year's event on the '6' side, for sale over the Foodhammer weekend. There also will be "limited run" dice for auction!!

And in regard to the "of men" portion, due to an administrative fubar, there are now 26 players for this year's Foodhammer 40K.  Thirteen tables of dice-rolling awesomeness.


We also have some wonderful prizes to announce, thanks to a generous donation by the good people of Bugman's Bar at GW HQ in Nottingham, UK we have two copies of The Bugman's Game to give away, one on each day.  Bugman's Bar is the ONLY place in the world where you can purchase this game.  It's a great social exercise involving getting your dwarf's table loaded up with food and ale while avoiding (or not) the NPCs roaming around the board, and scuppering your opponent's efforts to get loaded up too!

There will of course be other prizes for other categories.  To be announced! We're not giving everything away at once - just want to keep you interested ;-)


One of our good friends received not one but two copies of Aurelian, the new Horus Heresy novella by Aaron Dembski-Bowden, limited to 3000 copies world wide.  He decided to donate his spare copy to the event for us to auction off. The Gold Edition was signed by the author and was so sought after Black Library's server crashed on the day of release due to the demand.  There will be a SILENT AUCTION for this exclusive tome.  There will be a box placed in the store over the weekend where you can place your sealed bid.  The highest bid in the box at the end of the weekend gets the book.  If there's a tie, there'll have to be a game of Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock, best four of seven.


While we visited Warhammer World in early October, we managed to procure some posters.  First off is a poster of the 40K Fifth Edition cover art, signed by the artist Alex Boyd.  Then we have a Island of Blood promo poster signed by members of the design studio and finally a poster of some finely painted Chaos miniatures signed by members of the 'Eavy Metal team.  These will also be put up for sealed bid auction. 

If you're playing, then while you're at it add to the excitement and place a bid or buy some dice to help your game along.  If you're not playing in the tournament then by all means bring a food donation (non-perishable, please) and place a bid or buy some dice - proceeds of course going to the Langley Food Bank!