Monday, March 26, 2012

Registration is now open

Fingers were finally pulled from places, and we have already started taking names.  No asses will be kicked at this time, we'll leave that to you good people to do on the weekend in question!

You may have noticed that the Paypal charge is higher than last year.  Registration is still $30, BUT as Paypal don't care who we are, they still take their pound of flesh and to maximise the donation that we hand over we're hoping that you guys don't mind covering the fees.  Thank you, really.

GameStars will take your money again this year, and I hope to have at least one other store on board for helping us out with that.  The easier we make it for you to sign up, the greater the chance that you will return or come to experience Foodhammer for the first time!  Please note that registration is non-refundable.

For the time being, we'll run the same point values and all of that good stuff.  Once the dust from the 6th edition release has settled, and we've all had a chance to read it and nerdrage into our pillows a little over armies that may have been nerfed.

Early days yet - as we get more stuff going and announce extra features, sponsors, events etc we'll spam you with information until you scream NO MORE!! Then we'll just add the wafer thin mint.