Thursday, August 1, 2013

A new year, A New Hope.

Hey guys! I committed to Foodhammer 2013 a few weeks ago, but haven't put it into writing until today. I did the deed when Dan Miner and I announced at the Wet Coast GT that Foodhammer was happening again so here we are!

Since Kipper's Melee is in October, Foodhammer - at least the Warhammer portion of it - is back to it's original spot of the last week in November. 40K will be on November 30th, and Fantasy will be on December 1st.

Les Sohier will be your organiser for Warmahordes on November 23rd and Mark Handford will be hosting Malifaux on December 17th.

A New Hope for further opportunities for  fundraising and fun! Sorry about the pun.  X Wing is a great game. I love it, I wish 40K didn't get in the way sometimes (I'm in trouble when my Martian Front miniatures turn up).  We're going to go for an X Wing tournament to bring our tabletop events up to five.  Justin Doyle will be heading that up on November 16th.  I promised to play in that one so I'll be the easy target.  Hey - it'll be just like bullseyeing womp rats back home, right?

We're working on scenarios and stuff right now.  Watch this space and our Facebook page for details as they come.  What I can tell you is that we're shrinking the size of 40K to 1500 points to ensure that everyone gets to complete their games.  Also, there will be homage to editions past! Oh, I'm such a tease.

We're also on Twitter, by the way - @Foodhammer

Our first sponsor for the 2013 event is none other than Secret Weapon Miniatures! Mister Justin  "misterjustin" McCoy and his amazing team are throwing their hand in once again to bring you prizes and stuff.

In three short years Justin has turned Secret Weapon into an internationally recognizable brand in several segments of the market -- with products selling directly and through local retailers to customers across the globe. His business development experience has been complimented by his demanding standards as a hobbyist and helped establish the core values that reflect "Inspired Designs, Uncompromising Quality" that are the Secret Weapon hallmark.

Thank you, Justin. We sincerely appreciate your support.  I'll bang glasses together with you at Adepticon! As for the rest of you, I hope to see you at GameStars in the coming months, most importantly in November and December.