Thursday, October 24, 2013


This morning David Vandas became the 30th entrant for the Royal Rumble, earning the premium spot in this one hour thirty man over the top battle royal.  Oh, sorry... I was back in the nineties there.

David Vandas became the 30th entrant for Foodhammer 40K.  It's full!  As you may notice on the right the PayPal options for 40K and the double-header have been removed. I will be running a waiting list for 40K, so if you still want in and are prepared to wait then just drop me a line at

Thanks to every one of you who have signed up so far.  Your loyalty to this event is greatly appreciated.  It's gratifying to know that lower mainland gamers know where their tournament money should end up!

Hopefully those square-basers will fill up their event too.  And the round lipped basers.  And the scruffy looking nerf herders.  And the victorianesque steampunk skirmishers!