Monday, August 18, 2014

Foodhammer 2014

Here we go again.  This is it.  I'm making a commitment. Foodhammer 2014 is go!

It's taken me a while to wrap my head around this one, since Real Life is really quite busy for me these days. After I thought about how much of a good time everyone seemed to have last year, and about how much we've raised so far - honestly, how can I not do it again? What would be do with our November?!

We're still at GameStars for the most part, since the recipient of all this generosity is the Langley Food Bank. Malifaux this year is being held at Magic Stronghold this year, though.

Here is the calendar of events

Saturday November 8th - X Wing at GameStars
Saturday November 15th - WarmaHordes at GameStars
Saturday November 22nd - Malifaux at Magic Stronghold
Saturday November 29th - Warhammer 40K at GameStars
Sunday November 30th - Warhammer Fantasy at GameStars

Details for the various events will pop up on the Facebook page and on the website as they are firmed up. Please keep your eyes peeled for details!

Justin Doyle and I are toying with a Soda Pop Social for some time in late October, where we're hoping people can come by and take part in Super Dungeon Explore: PvP Arena and some Relic Knights.  It will be semi-casual with food donations gladly accepted.  We hope to hold a raffle or a 50/50.

I'm excited.  Nervous as always but excited.  We're at about $11,000 for a running total. Let's see how much higher we can take it.

I will probably say it ad nauseum, but thank you, everyone, for your support of this event. We're doing great things together!

Chris Jones