Thursday, September 18, 2014


We're very lucky that Chessex have stepped up again this year to offer us a really great break on the cost of the dice. As I said, Jason Dyer is handling this part of Foodhammer organisation and he does a great job each year that he does it. Like everyone involved with the event, I'm immensely grateful to him, as I am to every business that throws their hat into the ring, in whatever capacity. So do you want to see this year's dice?

All you guys with multiple librarians will love these dice for your psychic phase. They're extra magical this year. We are shipping Les Sohier to the Solomon Isles just to make sure that he doesn't cause them to roll 1 five times out of six.

Jason has of course ordered the fancy auction dice for the GW events, and I won't see those till they're delivered so I can't tell you about them.  As usual, the blue dice will be $10 for ten.