Thursday, August 9, 2018

Foodhammer 2018. TEAM 40K!

The inaugural Foodhammer 40K Team Tournament will take place at the Croatian Cultural Centre on Sunday November 25th
Before we continue, I really want to recognise the Senate at Ordo Fanaticus (Facebook)
Ordo is the premier gaming group in the Pacific Northwest. I've had the pleasure of attending many 40K team events over the last few years and have formed good friendships across the tables. Least of all with Bryan Bertsch, who has allowed me on behalf of the senate to emulate the Ordo style in the team event. I love going to the OFCC (Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge) each August, it really is one of the premier events in the local gaming calendar.
Please, have a read and form a team of three. Your captain will hold responsibility of paying on time and getting your lists to me! I really want this to take off so we can hold this every year... and maybe get some more Canadian teams down to Vancouver, WA for this wonderful annual event.
Please take a look at the 40K Team Event page. Almost all of the deets are there!