Sunday, October 21, 2018

Games & Gears

Games & Gears have generously donated sets of their excellent studio brushes, and they'll be up for raffle at the events this year. Their dedication to quality and excellence bring you the new and improved 4th generation of their world famous Games and Gears brushes, master crafted for your painting pleasure.
  • Longer brush points – Allows you to load more paint on to the brush and giving you more control over your painting.
  • Brand new 0000 brush – their smallest brush point ever, for your extreme fine detail painting.
  • Stronger synthetic fibre – These stronger fibres are more resistant to abrasive metallic paints and inks, which can ruin kolinsky hairs.
  • New Vehicle brush – A new flat brush specifically made for your vehicles. The flat shape allows you minimise paint streaks as you paint your large vehicles’ flat panels.
  • Stronger hair – The Vehicle brush and Drybrush are now made from dark ox hair, the strongest natural hair available, giving them a much longer lifetime.