Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A new sponsor

After being introduced to Daryl Elms of KR Multicase by Carl Tuttle of The Independent Characters podcast (thank you, Carl - sixes be upon you brother), I'm very happy to announce that we have some major sponsorship and prize support for Malifaux, 40K and Fantasy.  AND not only that, a bonus prize which will be on display for the enture weekend and raffled off on the Sunday.

Read about KR's origins and their philosophy by going to their About Us page, and you'll hopefully see why  this product is a great storage and transport solution for your valuable models.

For the Malifaux players, we will be giving away a Kaiser 1 case, which holds the MFX-3 layout - that's 16-24 H2/H3 figures and 54 H1/H2 figures.  Aside from that, we will have available an Aquilla 4 case, which is more in the briefcase style and holds the MFX-6 layout which is 8-12 H2/H3 figures and 38 H1/H2 figures

On the 40K side, there will be another two great cases for grabs!
This is huge.  Backpack 1 will contain the SM-D layout.  That's enough foam to hold 1x Landraider, 1x Rhino/Razorback/Whirlwind, 1x Predator, 3x Dreadnought/Speeder, 18 Terminators, 25 troops.  That's at LEAST a 2000 point army in your case. 

The other prize for the 40K players is a standard Aluminum case, with the IG-B layout.  That foam layout holds a Valkyrie, its flight stand, 4 Chimera or Russ chassis (with removable turrets) and twenty troops.  A really nice case to protect your list. 

The Fantasy players can win the following. Again - HUGE.
Backpack 1 again, but containing the V7S loadout which is designed to hold a large monster and 54 troops. 
Also available will be the standard Aluminim case, with the V9S-N loadout.  That is designed to safely carry medium monsters and 80 troops. 

The big raffle prize is MASSIVE.  It's KR's Double Aluminim case, with enough foam to hold your vehicles plus 196 TROOPS. That is a very very cool prize. There are also two full accessory cases there in the raffle

Obviously we're all blown away by Daryl's support and generosity.  The cases will be available for display and there will be product catalogues for those interested to take away and learn more about this great product. The advantage that KR has over other foam manufacturers is that the foam has some give so you don't run the risk of paint rubbing off from moving models in and out - and there's enough of that give that you can get some of those odd shaped ones in without trouble.  The hard cases are there to protect the foam so it really is a double whammy or protection for the miniatures which you spend so many hours and dollars on.

They have a facility in the UK, and one in the US.  All of the prices include shipping - you can just click, pay and it's dispatched the next day. 

Their website is reachable by clicking the logo above.  

Remember, KR Multicase offers soft foam to protect your miniatures, and hard cases to protect the soft foam.