Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Notes on the 40K rules

Some of you have asked about what's in and what's out as far as the 40K tournament goes. We are of course playing 6th edition.

Allies are out, just to keep it simple for the time being - the judges are learning the new edition too!

Imperial Armour is out - please bring only codex units. If you bring units that are not in your codex, they will be removed from your list and you'll have to play without them. Of course, the flyers from White Dwarf are an exception - if White Dwarf says that they are available to your army then you're good to go.

The only other exception to that codex only rule is fortifications, which are restricted to bastions and defence lines - no landing pads or fortresses, please! The comms relays, quad guns and lascannons which go with the bastions and defense lines are okay. You must have the models for them though!

As far as the psychic powers are concerned, you must choose your disciplines and make a note of those chosen disciplines when you submit your lists, BUT at the start of each game you must then roll to see which abilities you have been granted from that discipline. You may NOT switch disciplines during the tournament.

For the Warlord traits, choose your trait, mark it on your list submission and roll on the table at the start of each game.

Psychic disciplines and warlord trait categories must be clearly visible on the list you hand to your opponent, so that there is no shenanigans. We will be checking!

There will be no mysterious terrain, but if the game has mysterious objectives you will of course be rolling on those as you "uncover" them.

Hopefully the 6th edition Army Builder files will be available and there won't be any glaring errors in them. Yes, GW asked datafilecentral to remove the files, but that doesn't mean that the ab40k maintainers aren't hard at work creating them. If we're still using 5th edition Army Builder, write your lists as usual, but if you are taking fortifications or flyers, leave your submitted list short those points and make a note of them and their values when you submit your list to us.

Please submit your lists to no later than midnight, Friday October 12th. As your lists come in, they will be checked and if there are questions the judges will contact you. Thanks!