Thursday, September 20, 2012

Malifood, part deux!

Our first Malifood event at GameStars on September 15th was a GREAT success.  We had a great time, all of the players enjoyed their games and took part in some draws to win some GREAT prizes.  There was a lot of pre-release Malifaux up for grabs as well as TWO KR Multicase packages which were hotly contested.

Enjoy this slideshow of the action!  After the jump - more Malifood!

We had such a great time that we're proud to announce a second edition of Malifood.  It will take place on Sunday November 18th at The Connection Games and Comics on Renfrew at Grandview Highway.  You can get all of the juicy details by visiting the dedicated Facebook event page.  You can register through the paypal menu on the right, or you can pay at GameStars in Langley or The Connection in Vancouver.

Since this event is in Vancouver, it will benefit the Vancouver Food Bank, in the same way that Warmachine Epic will benefit the VFB.

A reminder - there is still plenty of room for the 25 point Foodmachine tournament at GameStars on Saturday November 3rd, and for the 50 point Foodmachine Epic at The Connection on Sunday November 4th.  Tons-o-prizes too!