Sunday, September 15, 2013

New sponsor for Warmachine - Dragonforge Design

Jeff Wilhelm of Dragonforge Design has kindly offered his new Warmachine/Hordes Precision Measuring Set as a prize for Warmachine.

Includes: 2 multil tool measuring widgets that give precise measurements for .5", 1", 2", 3", 4", 5", and 6". Blast keys for exact blast radius measurements on direct hits. Stepper tools that make 1" movements very accurate and also double as a reach tool. This set also includes 2 Small, 2 Medium, and 2 Large base proxies with LOS markings. 14 pieces in all.

Cut from Dragon Forge Blood Red Acrylic, branded with the Dragon Forge Design logo!

They're available from Dragonforge website too - just scroll down a bit on the main page.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A thankyou

I'd like to take the time to publically thank Brian Hubenig, who donated his time to create a new logo for this year's Foodhammer.  Without leaning toward any particular gaming system he's managed to capture the spirit and theme of the project with the image of the arm grasping the turkey leg in anger!

I'm really looking forward to seeing the new dice with this image on.  Very exciting.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank Paul Forbes - you may know him as Bard Vanhammer. Paul worked hard to create the Killa Soup Kan which we used for two years on our web pages and our dice, and the objective markers that we tried last year.  I still love that image - I smile each time I roll those dice.  They're really good at sixes too ;)

Thank you both for your hard work, gentlemen.  You're great guys and I am in your debt.


And is our prototype image for this year's dice.  May they always roll the way you want them to!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sponsors, oh MY!

We've been really lucky over the last couple of years with the quality and quantity of the sponsorship that has been given to us.  This year is no exception. Once we'd decided that X Wing was going to be a part of Foodhammer, I approached Fantasy Flight Games and told them about what we've been doing.  Their response was no less than astounding.  They're sending a ton of swag including that we'll be able to use at our X Wing tournament as giveaways, draw prizes and as prizes for the winners.

Mister Justin McCoy of Secret Weapon Miniatures has again agreed to be a show supporter this year.  We'll update you with what he's kicking in when we've figured it out.

Simon White, A Club member and conversion magician has formed his own company.  Great White Miniatures will be producing conversion kits for some of your favourite models.  His first release will be the Abrogator - an artillery piece which will happily and quite coincidentally fit on a Chimera chassis! The first production pieces are about to land on Simon's doorstep, but here's a pic of the prototype

Thanks to Great White Miniatures and tom of Talasa Prime

Robert Knestrick of Shogun Miniatures has also thrown his hat into the ring.  I do like the look of his flanged magnetic trays.  I don't play Fantasy myself  (I love my 40K!), but I hear that one issue Fantasy players have sometimes is the edge of the movement trays getting in the way.  This happens most often when moving a block of models between two other blocks, since you measure to the base of the unit and not the tray. The flanges that Robert has put on his magnetic movement trays certainly look like they make that less of a problem!

Again, Imperial Hobbies have stepped up to the plate.  I haven't seen what they're donating yet, but they're always so supportive of our events and we all appreciate them very much.

Of course we have to thank GameStars for being our hosts again this year.  This really couldn't have got off the ground in the first place without their help. I can't thank them enough for their continued support.

We have always bought our Foodhammer dice from Chessex but this year they're helping us out, enabling us to minimise our overheads in order to maximise the donation.  I promise that I won't let Les Sohier hug the bag when they arrive!

Monday, September 2, 2013

40K players gaming pack available

Before we begin... just want to say that if there is a 40K release in November it won't be allowed in - the good old 30 day rule.  If the rumours are holding up then Tyranid players will have to stick with the current codex.

By way of a change, we're publishing the missions early, before the list deadline for 40K.

You can download the pdf here.

The Primary Mission will be scored as you would normally in a 6th edition game of 40K. Add your VP from the primary objectives with the VPs from the secondary objectives (Slay The Warlord, Linebreaker, First Blood) and put that total in the Primary Mission box.

The Secondary Mission will be coming from mission cards that you'll be using throughout the day.  You'll be handed four - on the day - and will only be allowed to use one of them per game - so choose wisely!

The information in the pack is quite thorough and clear so take the time to read it.  Don't worry about printing your own copies - they'll be handed out to you on the day too.

The categories will be decided as follows:

Best Overall
The player with the highest combined total of Battle Points, Sportsmanship Score and Painting Score is the Best Overall.

Best Sportsman
The player with the highest Sportsmanship Score plus ‘Favourite Opponent’ votes is the Best Sportsman.
‘Favourite Opponent’ votes are worth points for each vote you receive:
1 point for 3rd ‘Favourite Opponent’ Vote
2 points for 2nd ‘Favourite Opponent’ Vote
3 points for 1st ‘Favourite Opponent’ Vote
Tie Breaker: Battle Points.

Best Army Presentation
The player with the highest Painting Score has the Best Army Presentation.
Tie Breaker: Favourite Army votes.

Favourite Army
The player with the highest ‘Favourite Army’ votes has the player’s Favourite army.
1 point for 3rd ‘Favourite Army’ Vote
2 points for 2nd ‘Favourite Army’ Vote
3 points for 1st ‘Favourite Army’ Vote
Tie Breaker: Painting Score.

Best General
The player with the highest total of Battle Points is the Best General.
Tie Breaker: Sportsmanship Score.

Don't forget - Imperial Armour units and lists are permitted! Forgeworld 40k approved stamped units allowed which includes those units that have been updated for 6th edition from the Forgeworld download section.  If you're unsure about a certain unit, just ask.  Please make sure that if you're bringing IA units that you also bring the rules for that unit as well as any FAQ or errata.  A photocopy will do if you don't want to bring your big heavy IA book.