Monday, September 2, 2013

40K players gaming pack available

Before we begin... just want to say that if there is a 40K release in November it won't be allowed in - the good old 30 day rule.  If the rumours are holding up then Tyranid players will have to stick with the current codex.

By way of a change, we're publishing the missions early, before the list deadline for 40K.

You can download the pdf here.

The Primary Mission will be scored as you would normally in a 6th edition game of 40K. Add your VP from the primary objectives with the VPs from the secondary objectives (Slay The Warlord, Linebreaker, First Blood) and put that total in the Primary Mission box.

The Secondary Mission will be coming from mission cards that you'll be using throughout the day.  You'll be handed four - on the day - and will only be allowed to use one of them per game - so choose wisely!

The information in the pack is quite thorough and clear so take the time to read it.  Don't worry about printing your own copies - they'll be handed out to you on the day too.

The categories will be decided as follows:

Best Overall
The player with the highest combined total of Battle Points, Sportsmanship Score and Painting Score is the Best Overall.

Best Sportsman
The player with the highest Sportsmanship Score plus ‘Favourite Opponent’ votes is the Best Sportsman.
‘Favourite Opponent’ votes are worth points for each vote you receive:
1 point for 3rd ‘Favourite Opponent’ Vote
2 points for 2nd ‘Favourite Opponent’ Vote
3 points for 1st ‘Favourite Opponent’ Vote
Tie Breaker: Battle Points.

Best Army Presentation
The player with the highest Painting Score has the Best Army Presentation.
Tie Breaker: Favourite Army votes.

Favourite Army
The player with the highest ‘Favourite Army’ votes has the player’s Favourite army.
1 point for 3rd ‘Favourite Army’ Vote
2 points for 2nd ‘Favourite Army’ Vote
3 points for 1st ‘Favourite Army’ Vote
Tie Breaker: Painting Score.

Best General
The player with the highest total of Battle Points is the Best General.
Tie Breaker: Sportsmanship Score.

Don't forget - Imperial Armour units and lists are permitted! Forgeworld 40k approved stamped units allowed which includes those units that have been updated for 6th edition from the Forgeworld download section.  If you're unsure about a certain unit, just ask.  Please make sure that if you're bringing IA units that you also bring the rules for that unit as well as any FAQ or errata.  A photocopy will do if you don't want to bring your big heavy IA book.