Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Foodhammer 2015 Announcement

Here we go again!

I'm excited to do this again! To be honest it's been bugging me that I haven't done anything and I'm getting all antsy so here we are.

Before I start on telling you about when and where this year's events are happening I would like to give thanks to Matthew Purdy and the staff of GameStars.  We had only run Foodhammer the one time when he took over the store and he was kind enough to let us continue taking over his store for a weekend to do this crazy thing.  I've always been grateful to everyone there. As you may know the store merged with Toy Traders into one huge location earlier this year.  Vader would say it is most impressive.  One change that affects us is the gaming area.  It's a little cosier, and as such there would not be enough room for us to run events there any more so we are moving.  Matthew, my sincere heartfelt thanks to you for letting me use GameStars for the last few years.  You helped us raise all that money by just standing back and letting it happen.  I will not forget it.

So our new location for 40K and the other game with the square bases.  Nick Daniels successfully ran Wargamers Without Borders out of there, and Chumphammer have had a great time running Victory Or Death. There is tasty beer and excellent food and it's a great atmosphere so we are holding two events this year at The Fraternal Order Of Eagles, 170 3rd St W, North Vancouver, BC V7M 1E8.

Worry not - all proceeds still go to the Langley Food Bank.  We've supported them in the last four years by donating just over $15,000 - why stop because we moved?

KR Multicase are already on board as a sponsor.  They have been SO FREAKING GENEROUS in the past!  I'm really grateful to Daryl, Alan and Kath for their support over the years. Really nice generous people with fantastic product. I love my squishy blue foam :)

In regard to The Other Game With The Square Bases.  Dan Miner has decided to hold a Kings Of War tournament, since you can easily use your Warhammer Fantasy models with their analogous army lists and great rule set, which by the way is available for FREE DOWNLOAD.  I really want to let the guys at Mantic know how great a job I think they did with the release Kings Of War 2nd edition.  It plays very quickly, the movement, charge, magic and assault rules are very simple to learn and there are amazing tricks and combos to unlock as you learn the way it plays.  I would very much encourage you to go and get the rules and take your time to learn how it plays with the army you have.

A small increase this year.  We do have to rent the space at Eagles, so I hope you guys don't mind digging a little deeper.  I have raised ticket entry to $35 for Warhammer and Kings of War and $25 for X-Wing, Malifaux and Warmachine. It's not much of a difference but it will help offset some of the costs.

The schedule will be as follows:

Malifaux Sunday November 8th at Magic Stronghold
Warmahordes Sunday November 15th at The Connection
X-Wing Sunday November 22nd at Magic Stronghold
Kings of War on Saturday November 28th at Eagles club
Warhammer 40,000 on Sunday November 29th at Eagles club

Please keep an eye on the website and on the Facebook page - for updates and so forth.  Also follow us on twitter - @Foodhammer

See you there!
Chris Jones