Friday, September 25, 2015


Hi guys,

I wanted to let you get up to date on some happenings with the events.

We have a NEW EVENT. Oh yes.  Andrew Muirhead stepped up to the plate and will be running a Bolt Action event on Saturday November 28th at Eagles in North Van.  Yes it's in the same location and on the same day as the Kings of War event.  We wan tto make the best use of the space that we possibly can.  I'm sorry if anyone is torn between the two events but I hope you'll enter one of them for sure!  You can sign up for the Bolt Action event by clicking the PayPal button andf as soon as Andrew has some details I will publish them.

We have sponsorship from a whole bunch of good people coming to us.  Yes we have some great cases from KR Multicase.  I love the way their blue foam looks after the paint that we spend so long applying. Yesss!

Imperial Hobbies are stepping to the plate once again, even with the hard work they're undertaking right now to move into their new store on Russ Baker Way in Richmond. You should go and check it out - nice and bright, lots of room and yes they're still putting stock away but it already looks great!

Kromlech have sent some of their fantastic resin bits for the 40K event.  Ork and Space Marine players will want to enter those draws!

Ninja Division are on the wagon again to help us out with product.  Wyrd are sending stuff for the Malifaux event and Mantic are sending stuff for Kings of War!