Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Heh. I love the way the internet speaks.

I've had some good conversations with some fantastic people over the last few days and I'm pleased to announce more prize support for you all.

Justin McCoy of Secret Weapon Miniatures will be providing online voucher codes which will be awarded to the favourite army as voted by the players, or in the case of X-Wing the favourite repaint.

James Hakola of Mr Dandy and Wargamma will be sending some of his wares for our enjoyment. I always enjoy his sculpts and the quality of his resin product is really quite excellent.

Alex Landing of Ironheart Artisans will be sending a selection of his products for you to win. His templates and terrain kits are great and you may have seen Mathieu Fontaine and Jason Dyer showing off their racks. I mean their paint racks. Designed and made by Alex. Yes.

Go buy some tickets guys and join in the fun!