Saturday, November 7, 2015

Gaming mats for sale!

Frontline Gaming and TableWar, as you know, supplied us with thirty two mats for the tables at our events this year. Mats used at the events will be for sale, don't you know?! Prices are
$120 for a 6x4
$85 for a 4x4
$70 for a 3x3
That's a saving over buying them by mail order and you get to take them home with you that day - that definitely scratches the "instant gratification" itch that we all have.
Also you can be happy in the knowledge that part of the sale goes to Foodhammer. Huzzah!
Just... wait until we're FINISHED with the mat before you take it home? 

Sincere thanks once again to all of the good people at TableWar and FLG for their generosity.