Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Malifood 2015

Holy cow Malifood was a great time this year.  Seriously, guys it was awesome. I had such a great time personally learning to play (again) and learning how my Gremlins work together.  All I thought that I needed was something to give Rami Lacroix some focus for his shooting. Young Lacroix a powerful when they stay in range of Ophelia.  I REALLY enjoyed my games with Darren, Kellen and Rida.  Three very different crews, three great games.

The list of participants is here at this link here ;)

Our winners were

William Matthews - Best Storyteller

Troy McKnight - Best presentation. Troy took home an online coupon given to us by the amazing misterjustin at Secret Weapon Miniatures

Les Sohier won Best Gunslinger

Craig Fleming picked up the cheese trophy for Best Overall.
He's over there because THE CHEESE STANDS ALONE

There were some REALLY great prizes up for grabs from our sponsors and as well as the mat that we got FROM TableWar for use in the event, there were some in use that were loaned to us by Mark Handford, who ran the event and answered all of my rules questions.

Thanks also to Magic Stronghold for hosting us at their store and also for their wonderful donation of gift certificates which the winners could use to purchase even more Malifaux figs.  Very nice indeed!

We have all of the photos up at our Facebook page for you to look at.

On to next Sunday, the 15th, and the WarmaHordes event at The Connection!