Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mats! Mats for sale!

As you may know, TableWar sent us mats for use in our events - it was very kind of them and I'm totally stoked at the level of the support they offered. Warboss Dugg and Todd, and Reece and Frankie over at Frontline Gaming are really passionate about gaming and these mats are from the heart - they really want all of us to have quality portable gaming surfaces!

So as a reminder, the mat prices at Foodhammer are as follows

6x4 mats are $120
4x4 mats are $85
3x3 are $70

It really is a substantial saving over the prices you would pay when ordering from www.frontlinegaming.org, especially when you factor in the shipping and exchange rate. Also, partial proceeds from the sale of each mat directly benefits Foodhammer.  So why not?! I already bought one!

Go check them out and let me know if you want one.  They will be available for pickup AFTER the event they're used for :)


3x3 x-wing mats
7 x Asteroid field http://store.frontlinegaming.org/fat-mat%3A-asteroid-belt-3x3-sale/dp/6359

4x4 Warmachine mats
4x4 - 2 Alpine http://store.frontlinegaming.org/fat-mat%3A-alpine-4x4/dp/853
4x4 - 1 Urban Combat http://store.frontlinegaming.org/fat-mat%3A-urban-combat-4x4/dp/863
4x4 - 1 Swamp http://store.frontlinegaming.org/fat-mat%3A-swamp-4x4/dp/11629
4x4 - 2 grassy plains http://store.frontlinegaming.org/fat-mat%3A-grassy-plains-4x4/dp/861
4x4 - 2 barren wasteland http://store.frontlinegaming.org/fat-mat%3A-barren-wasteland-4x4/dp/855

6x4 mats
6x4 - 1 Alien Invasion http://store.frontlinegaming.org/fat-mat%3A-alien-invasion-6x4/dp/13512
6x4 - 2 x Alpine http://store.frontlinegaming.org/fat-mat%3A-alpine-6x4/dp/2305
6x4 - 1 x Urban Combat http://store.frontlinegaming.org/fat-mat%3A-urban-combat-6x4/dp/2311
6x4 - 1 x Urban Combat II http://store.frontlinegaming.org/fat-mat%3A-urban-combat-2-6x4/dp/849
6x4 - 2 x Industrial http://store.frontlinegaming.org/fat-mat%3A-industrial-6x4/dp/13510
6x4 - 2 x Ship interior http://store.frontlinegaming.org/fat-mat%3A-ship-interior-6x4/dp/13511
6x4 - 1 x High-Tech City http://store.frontlinegaming.org/fat-mat%3A-high-tech-city-6x4/dp/11651
6x4 - 2 x Grassy Plain http://store.frontlinegaming.org/fat-mat%3A-grassy-plains-6x4/dp/2309
6x4 - 2 x Barren Wasteland http://store.frontlinegaming.org/fat-mat%3A-barren-wasteland-6x4/dp/847
6x4 - 2 swamp http://store.frontlinegaming.org/fat-mat%3A-swamp-6x4/dp/11625