Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The cheque for 2015.

So here it is! I just took that big wad of cash from the weekend to the credit union and watched them put it through the counting machine. Coast Capital kindly waived the fee for making the draft - every little helps!

The income was obviously more than this but there are the usual expenses like trophies and investing in the dice (profit is made on the dice which more than covers the trophies), and of course we paid Fraternal Order of Eagles for the use of the room. Sadly our Warmachine event was not as well attended as it has been in the past, and hopefully we can work on improving that next year.

I am very grateful to all of you who came out and donated your time and your hard earned cash to help make this annual event the success it is, and I hope that you have all had fun at the same time. Thank you all so much.

Our running total is now $20718.54, which is definitely something that we can all be proud of. I know that I am.

Big hugs to all of my colleages - friends - who have helped me put this together, this year and in the past four years. Jason Dyer. Nick Daniels. Les Sohier. Dan Miner. Mark Handford. Jind Singh. Justin Doyle. Melissa Daines. Jonas Malapas. Andrew Muirhead. I could not do it without the support of these good people.

Of course I could not have even started this without the support of my wife Laura. She's my rock.

And our sponsors! They support us each year in these events and I am so grateful to them.  Many of them I look on as friends, and that they go out of their way to help us make other peoples' lives a little better says a lot about the kind of people they are.  So please - support them. Buy their stuff.

So there will be a Foodhammer 2016, I promise! I usually grumble for about six months that I don't want to do it again. If you hear me say that, tell me I'm wrong!

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