Friday, September 9, 2016

2016 - Better late than never!

Okay - this is LAAAATE but here we go.  I have dates for Foodhammer 2016, I have locations too! I am waiting on sponsors and I am waiting on YOU and your generosity, sense of fun and all the things!

Dates are as follows

Saturday November 19th is Malifaux, which will be at The Connection Games & Comics

All of the other events will be at Fraternal Order of Eagles, in North Vancouver

Kings of War and Bolt Action will be held simultaneously on Sunday November 20th
Warhammer 40K will be on SATURDAY November 26thX-Wing and Bloodbowl will be held simultaneously on Sunday November 27th

The Paypal button is live. If you want to take part in two events, you can just visit and send the combined amount (to friends and family, please)

Our sponsors - we still have the wonderful guys on TABLEWAR watching our backs and your models with their awesome gaming mats.  Your models don't break, your dice roll nice and as long as you clean it up quick, it doesn't mind getting a bit wet.

IMPERIAL HOBBIES are firm friends of Foodhammer and have been with us from the very start.  Francis and his team run a great store and stock a wide variety of games, toys, miniatures and hobby materials.  Go see 'em!

SECRET WEAPON MINIATURES are your friends. They produce high quality resin, brass, scenic and weathering products for scale model hobbyists and tabletop wargamers. I love the high quality product and they really do love what they do. 

TECTONIC CRAFT STUDIOS is run by Dan Cotrupe. He makes great laser cut product and was a pioneer on kickstarter in his field.  

Please go visit their stores and see what they have to offer.  Also - SIGN UP! We'll have a lot of fun again this year. I knows it!


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