Sunday, November 22, 2015

This is why we do

Food bank use in B.C. highest on record for province

I went to see Jind Singh today at the Hobbit event he held for Foodhammer. The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings group is radpidly growing, which is quite exciting given that the Specialist Games division will continue to support this game.

Many of the people there today I had not met before, and Jind asked me to tell them what brought me to start this event. I explained that in early 2011 I was originally looking to fill a gap in the gaming calendar, and came to the conclusion that the entry money could be used for so much more than buying tons of prizes for the entrants. I explained that I had noticed there were children in my son's grade 1 class that were from families that used the food bank on a regular basis. I got a lot of perspective there, and realised that we as wargamers and hobbyists are so very LUCKY to be able to afford this bloody expensive hobby. We should give back, and I am grateful to all of you who do. Those who donate prizes, be you industry or retail, or those of you who are donating from your private collections out of the good in your hearts (thank you Erica Lam for your kind donation today).

Langley food bank is one of the smaller food banks and doesn't actually actively solicit donations - I was amazed when I read that small, yet hugely important point. Yet they help people who live across a huge part of the BC lower mainland.

My good wife Laura showed me this news article this evening and I'm floored. Over 30,000 children in our province are food bank users. 30,000 children in a part of the world that is supposed to be so civilised and progressive. Don't forget that MANY of their parents and caregivers are NOT the kind of people who just ride the free ride on welfare and slack off. Most of them are people who despite working their fingers to the bone full time are paid below the living wage level and have to deal with ridiculous housing costs, often choosing between keeping the roof over their heads or putting food in the fridge.

Often as individuals we can think in an insular manner, only concerned with what is inches from the ends of our noses and five minutes in our immediate future but we are capable of so much more. Yes, we are all individuals. But we are so much more. You have all shown me this. I'm grateful for the recognition that my colleagues and I get for this fundraiser but it is YOU that make Foodhammer what it is. We might not be making massive changes, but what we do affects the lives of people who we may never meet, in a positive manner.

I'm proud of you all.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mats! Mats for sale!

As you may know, TableWar sent us mats for use in our events - it was very kind of them and I'm totally stoked at the level of the support they offered. Warboss Dugg and Todd, and Reece and Frankie over at Frontline Gaming are really passionate about gaming and these mats are from the heart - they really want all of us to have quality portable gaming surfaces!

So as a reminder, the mat prices at Foodhammer are as follows

6x4 mats are $120
4x4 mats are $85
3x3 are $70

It really is a substantial saving over the prices you would pay when ordering from, especially when you factor in the shipping and exchange rate. Also, partial proceeds from the sale of each mat directly benefits Foodhammer.  So why not?! I already bought one!

Go check them out and let me know if you want one.  They will be available for pickup AFTER the event they're used for :)


3x3 x-wing mats
7 x Asteroid field

4x4 Warmachine mats
4x4 - 2 Alpine
4x4 - 1 Urban Combat
4x4 - 1 Swamp
4x4 - 2 grassy plains
4x4 - 2 barren wasteland

6x4 mats
6x4 - 1 Alien Invasion
6x4 - 2 x Alpine
6x4 - 1 x Urban Combat
6x4 - 1 x Urban Combat II
6x4 - 2 x Industrial
6x4 - 2 x Ship interior
6x4 - 1 x High-Tech City
6x4 - 2 x Grassy Plain
6x4 - 2 x Barren Wasteland
6x4 - 2 swamp

Malifood 2015

Holy cow Malifood was a great time this year.  Seriously, guys it was awesome. I had such a great time personally learning to play (again) and learning how my Gremlins work together.  All I thought that I needed was something to give Rami Lacroix some focus for his shooting. Young Lacroix a powerful when they stay in range of Ophelia.  I REALLY enjoyed my games with Darren, Kellen and Rida.  Three very different crews, three great games.

The list of participants is here at this link here ;)

Our winners were

William Matthews - Best Storyteller

Troy McKnight - Best presentation. Troy took home an online coupon given to us by the amazing misterjustin at Secret Weapon Miniatures

Les Sohier won Best Gunslinger

Craig Fleming picked up the cheese trophy for Best Overall.
He's over there because THE CHEESE STANDS ALONE

There were some REALLY great prizes up for grabs from our sponsors and as well as the mat that we got FROM TableWar for use in the event, there were some in use that were loaned to us by Mark Handford, who ran the event and answered all of my rules questions.

Thanks also to Magic Stronghold for hosting us at their store and also for their wonderful donation of gift certificates which the winners could use to purchase even more Malifaux figs.  Very nice indeed!

We have all of the photos up at our Facebook page for you to look at.

On to next Sunday, the 15th, and the WarmaHordes event at The Connection! 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Gaming mats for sale!

Frontline Gaming and TableWar, as you know, supplied us with thirty two mats for the tables at our events this year. Mats used at the events will be for sale, don't you know?! Prices are
$120 for a 6x4
$85 for a 4x4
$70 for a 3x3
That's a saving over buying them by mail order and you get to take them home with you that day - that definitely scratches the "instant gratification" itch that we all have.
Also you can be happy in the knowledge that part of the sale goes to Foodhammer. Huzzah!
Just... wait until we're FINISHED with the mat before you take it home? 

Sincere thanks once again to all of the good people at TableWar and FLG for their generosity.