Friday, October 26, 2012

Foodmachine Langley timetable of events

The Foodmachine event at GameStars in Langley on Saturday November 3rd will run as follows! :)

The store will open at 11am, at which time you can come in and register and drop off your donations for tallying (remember, food items get you tickets, which bring opportunity!).  If you come early enough you can go grab a bite to eat and come back in time for the first round.  Pizza delivery is available, and there will be a menu for you to choose from - it would be advisable to arrive early to take advantage of that.

round 1 12:30 - 1:20
round 2 1:45 - 2:25
round 3 2:45 - 3:25
round 4 3:45 - 4:25
break, stretch legs, food 4:30 - 5:15
round 5 starts 5:30 - 6:15

6.30 - prizes, draw, group pic & thanks :)

The timetable may stretch depending on the number of players.  PLEASE let us know and pre-pay using the PayPal widget so that there are enough tables set up for everyone to use.  Thanks!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Secret Weapon Miniatures

We proudly announce Secret Weapon Miniatures as a sponsor of Foodhammer 2012. Justin McCoy has donated virtual vouchers as prizes for Best Army Presentation and Player's Favourite at the remaining Foodhammer events on the calendar!  Each voucher is good for $25 worth of whatever takes your fancy.  You can get brass etch - resin bases - basing bits - weathering powders and washes (including the Nurgleicious "Baby Poop"!) and oh so much more.  Honestly, when I'm on the site it's like SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

Thank you Justin, you're a true rock star of the hobby!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Malifood, part deux!

Our first Malifood event at GameStars on September 15th was a GREAT success.  We had a great time, all of the players enjoyed their games and took part in some draws to win some GREAT prizes.  There was a lot of pre-release Malifaux up for grabs as well as TWO KR Multicase packages which were hotly contested.

Enjoy this slideshow of the action!  After the jump - more Malifood!

We had such a great time that we're proud to announce a second edition of Malifood.  It will take place on Sunday November 18th at The Connection Games and Comics on Renfrew at Grandview Highway.  You can get all of the juicy details by visiting the dedicated Facebook event page.  You can register through the paypal menu on the right, or you can pay at GameStars in Langley or The Connection in Vancouver.

Since this event is in Vancouver, it will benefit the Vancouver Food Bank, in the same way that Warmachine Epic will benefit the VFB.

A reminder - there is still plenty of room for the 25 point Foodmachine tournament at GameStars on Saturday November 3rd, and for the 50 point Foodmachine Epic at The Connection on Sunday November 4th.  Tons-o-prizes too!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Notes on the 40K rules

Some of you have asked about what's in and what's out as far as the 40K tournament goes. We are of course playing 6th edition.

Allies are out, just to keep it simple for the time being - the judges are learning the new edition too!

Imperial Armour is out - please bring only codex units. If you bring units that are not in your codex, they will be removed from your list and you'll have to play without them. Of course, the flyers from White Dwarf are an exception - if White Dwarf says that they are available to your army then you're good to go.

The only other exception to that codex only rule is fortifications, which are restricted to bastions and defence lines - no landing pads or fortresses, please! The comms relays, quad guns and lascannons which go with the bastions and defense lines are okay. You must have the models for them though!

As far as the psychic powers are concerned, you must choose your disciplines and make a note of those chosen disciplines when you submit your lists, BUT at the start of each game you must then roll to see which abilities you have been granted from that discipline. You may NOT switch disciplines during the tournament.

For the Warlord traits, choose your trait, mark it on your list submission and roll on the table at the start of each game.

Psychic disciplines and warlord trait categories must be clearly visible on the list you hand to your opponent, so that there is no shenanigans. We will be checking!

There will be no mysterious terrain, but if the game has mysterious objectives you will of course be rolling on those as you "uncover" them.

Hopefully the 6th edition Army Builder files will be available and there won't be any glaring errors in them. Yes, GW asked datafilecentral to remove the files, but that doesn't mean that the ab40k maintainers aren't hard at work creating them. If we're still using 5th edition Army Builder, write your lists as usual, but if you are taking fortifications or flyers, leave your submitted list short those points and make a note of them and their values when you submit your list to us.

Please submit your lists to no later than midnight, Friday October 12th. As your lists come in, they will be checked and if there are questions the judges will contact you. Thanks!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New event added! Foodmachine.

Jesse Moses of GameStars has stepped forward and will be running the Warmachine event at GameStars on Saturday November 3rd.  Thanks Jesse!  It's another great opportunity for you all to bring your models and play some different games for this great cause.

Jesse is using the Foodmachine ruleset, and you can read everything he's got planned by clicking on the Warmachine tab at the top of the page under the main banner.  Don't ask me about it, because I don't play Warmachine, but if you have any questions at all, just ask - send us an email and we'll pass it along, or go to our Facebook page and send a message form there. I'll make sure Jesse gets the message so that he can answer questions.  Alternately, you can leave a comment at the bottom of this posting.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Gale Force Nine sponsorship announcement

Battlefront Miniatures, aka Gale Force Nine have thrown their hat into the Foodhammer ring with this great selection of prize support for three of our events. 

For the 40K Event they have donated a set of the ruined gothic columns (unfortunately out of stock at the moment, so they're not in the photo), the Gallery of Valour from the Hall of Heroes scenery set and two sets of crystal terrain.

For the Fantasy event there is the Elven Tower, the Elven Pillars and Ruins and the Chieftan's Hut. Just great pieces, absolutely stunning on the tabletop.

For Warmachine/Hordes they have sent of selection of their high quality markers and templates in four matching sets, which will really make your Privateer Press gaming so much more enjoyable.

We at A Club are really proud of our Battlefield In A Box terrain so I will take great pleasure in handing out these items as prizes.

I really want to thank Joe Krone at Battlefront Miniatures for the donation. It's great people in the hobby industry like him who are helping us maximise our donation to the Food Bank, while giving you guys a carrot to chase!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

More Malifaux News

Wyrd Miniatures confirmed with Malifaux and Warhammer Fantasy organiser Dan Miner that they are on board with providing prize support for the Malifood event.  This is great for the event as we are receiving direct support from the manufacturer.  Let's see if the others follow suit! :)


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A new sponsor

After being introduced to Daryl Elms of KR Multicase by Carl Tuttle of The Independent Characters podcast (thank you, Carl - sixes be upon you brother), I'm very happy to announce that we have some major sponsorship and prize support for Malifaux, 40K and Fantasy.  AND not only that, a bonus prize which will be on display for the enture weekend and raffled off on the Sunday.

Read about KR's origins and their philosophy by going to their About Us page, and you'll hopefully see why  this product is a great storage and transport solution for your valuable models.

For the Malifaux players, we will be giving away a Kaiser 1 case, which holds the MFX-3 layout - that's 16-24 H2/H3 figures and 54 H1/H2 figures.  Aside from that, we will have available an Aquilla 4 case, which is more in the briefcase style and holds the MFX-6 layout which is 8-12 H2/H3 figures and 38 H1/H2 figures

On the 40K side, there will be another two great cases for grabs!
This is huge.  Backpack 1 will contain the SM-D layout.  That's enough foam to hold 1x Landraider, 1x Rhino/Razorback/Whirlwind, 1x Predator, 3x Dreadnought/Speeder, 18 Terminators, 25 troops.  That's at LEAST a 2000 point army in your case. 

The other prize for the 40K players is a standard Aluminum case, with the IG-B layout.  That foam layout holds a Valkyrie, its flight stand, 4 Chimera or Russ chassis (with removable turrets) and twenty troops.  A really nice case to protect your list. 

The Fantasy players can win the following. Again - HUGE.
Backpack 1 again, but containing the V7S loadout which is designed to hold a large monster and 54 troops. 
Also available will be the standard Aluminim case, with the V9S-N loadout.  That is designed to safely carry medium monsters and 80 troops. 

The big raffle prize is MASSIVE.  It's KR's Double Aluminim case, with enough foam to hold your vehicles plus 196 TROOPS. That is a very very cool prize. There are also two full accessory cases there in the raffle

Obviously we're all blown away by Daryl's support and generosity.  The cases will be available for display and there will be product catalogues for those interested to take away and learn more about this great product. The advantage that KR has over other foam manufacturers is that the foam has some give so you don't run the risk of paint rubbing off from moving models in and out - and there's enough of that give that you can get some of those odd shaped ones in without trouble.  The hard cases are there to protect the foam so it really is a double whammy or protection for the miniatures which you spend so many hours and dollars on.

They have a facility in the UK, and one in the US.  All of the prices include shipping - you can just click, pay and it's dispatched the next day. 

Their website is reachable by clicking the logo above.  

Remember, KR Multicase offers soft foam to protect your miniatures, and hard cases to protect the soft foam. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Malifaux update, and some Adepticon related news.


Dan Miner, the organiser, chef, cook and bottle washer for Malifood has started a Facebook page for the event, so that he can easily contact the participants.  You can find that page by clicking this link.

You can view a list of participants by clicking THIS link. Please note that your spot isn't cemented until you have paid, so please make arrangements to do that.  You can see Chris Jones or Dan Miner to make payment. You can also use the PayPal link on the right hand side of the page.  Not only that, you can pay in person at GameStars!


I had a great time at Adepticon, and I'm already trying to find a way to get back next year.  I met some REALLY great people and I had some really good conversations with some vendors and manufacturers about the possibility of obtaining some prize support from them.

The first to hand over swag was Forgeworld.  The whole Forgeworld crew was very supportive of the event and send us happy thoughts for every success.  Then Big Steve called me over and handed me a copy of Imperial Armour volumes 9 and 10.  We have a complete edition of THE BADAB WAR to give away.  We're not sure how we'll do it yet but we'll make you guys work to earn it that's for sure.

The other vendors - you know who you are! Let's see what you can do to top that great donation.  Big thanks go to the Forgeworld crew, your generosity blew me away.  Thank you so much.

I met with Carl, Geoff and Zach of The Independent Characters podcast, and they were supportive of the event and Carl helped me out with a contact for possible support too.

Joe, the Evil Level Nine Boss over at the Screaming Heretic podcast was most generous in giving some of his time for an interview.  I babbled away like a very excited Englishman and tried to cram as much information in as I could.  You will be able to hear the interview on Episode 25, which will drop in a couple of weeks time. Thanks Joe! :-)


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A new tournament!

First, I wanted to make a correction.  I'd noted on the main page that Foodhammer GW weekend was running over October 26th and 27th.  That is of course not the case.  40K is on Saturday October 27th, and Fantasy is on Sunday October 28th.  D'oh!

More wonderful news. We're very proud to announce that there are now three ways to play great games and contribute to the Food Bank.  On September 15th we are holding a MALIFAUX tournament.  Dan Miner will be your host and he will run four games for your enjoyment over the course of the day.  The tournament will cost $20, or $22 by PayPal.  You can also pay at GameStars or hit up Chris or Dan to fork over your cash.

Click the Malifaux tab at the top for all of the details!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Registration is now open

Fingers were finally pulled from places, and we have already started taking names.  No asses will be kicked at this time, we'll leave that to you good people to do on the weekend in question!

You may have noticed that the Paypal charge is higher than last year.  Registration is still $30, BUT as Paypal don't care who we are, they still take their pound of flesh and to maximise the donation that we hand over we're hoping that you guys don't mind covering the fees.  Thank you, really.

GameStars will take your money again this year, and I hope to have at least one other store on board for helping us out with that.  The easier we make it for you to sign up, the greater the chance that you will return or come to experience Foodhammer for the first time!  Please note that registration is non-refundable.

For the time being, we'll run the same point values and all of that good stuff.  Once the dust from the 6th edition release has settled, and we've all had a chance to read it and nerdrage into our pillows a little over armies that may have been nerfed.

Early days yet - as we get more stuff going and announce extra features, sponsors, events etc we'll spam you with information until you scream NO MORE!! Then we'll just add the wafer thin mint.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Foodhammer 2012

It's been a while!

First off, I want to let you know that after the smoke had cleared, we had raised $2060 for the Langley Food Bank, and had about 300lbs of food to give them.  For the first year it happened, I'm just blown away by the response, by the support and generosity of all involved.  You know who you are, give yourself a extra point on that game-changing armour save when you need to make it.

Now to the nitty, and the gritty.   Foodhammer 2012, will be held at GameStars again on Saturday October 27th for Warhammer 40K, and Sunday October 28th for Warhammer Fantasy.  Obviously, the kinds of games we'll be playing on the Saturday will depend on which edition of Warhammer 40,000 we're at. And you know what I mean by that, if you believe the internets.  Just don't study that ruleset that's floating around TOO much - it may not be the final draft, hahaha.

We decided to move the date of the tournament to accommodate our friends in the US who might be interested in coming without missing Thanksgiving dinner.  I realise that the tournament is now being held on the weekend before Halloween, so mayyybe we'll do a costume prize? No promises!

So that's it for now.  The ball is rolling.  We aim to have more fabulous prizes and merchandise this year than we did last year.  We really should buy more dice this year, and there's another piece of must-have memorabilia that I'll be looking into.  Announcements on those when I have something to show you.

Those of you who attended last year, I really hope you'll all come again in October, and bring some friends - if we can squeeze more tables in there WE WILL!

Chris Jones